A better way to dry your curls without damaging them.

Blow drying your natural curls can be a challenge; flat, frizzy, dry and or damaged curls not to mention the pain in the wrist from wrangling with a traditional hair dryer.

That is until now, thanks to the New Bellissima DIFFON Ceramic & Argan Oil Curly Dryer. The unique DIFFON Hot Air Diffuser is ergonomically designed to fit into your hand and has been designed and engineered to gently dry your curls, when you just don't have the time to use the Curly Girl Method to "air dry" your hair.

If you want beautiful, hydrated, bouncy, defined curls you'll love the New Bellissima DIFFON, the curly dryer that will make you love your natural curls.

Goodbye Frizzy Curls

New Bellissima DIFFON gently dries your curls without the frizz and damage that high powered traditional hair dryers cause on curly hair types.

Extra Curl Volume

New Bellissima DIFFON helps build extra volume into your curls starting from the roots all the way to the ends.

Curlier Than Ever

New Bellissima DIFFON will help you create softer, more defined and even curlier hair than you ever thought possible.

Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology
Bellissima Diffon Curly Hair Dryer - Ceramic and Argan Oil technology with perforated grid and fingers for a Curl Booster System
Curly hair  dryer by Bellissima Diffon - Styling long curly hair
Short Brunette curly hair by Bellissima Diffon - Adding extra volume
Long red curly hair by Bellissima Diffon - Using Curl Booster System
How to hold Diffon curly hair dryer


Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology

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New Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic Argan Oil technology is a unique hairdryer and diffuser in one. This ergonomically designed tool helps you create your best and most hydrated, bouncy, shiny defined curls without the frizz and heat damage of other dryers. New Diffon will bring out the beauty of your naturally curly hair.

The Bellissima Diffon combines Ceramic technology & Argan oil: this combination of the consistent heat of ceramic, infused with Argan oil, dries the hair evenly, while moisturising and enhancing its shine.

This double-action innovation provides anti-frizz and anti-dryness technology for superior looking curls.

Curl Booster System: the combined action of the special perforated grid that evenly distributes the air and the 12 fingers that maintain the shape and definition of the curls, gently dry the hair while enhancing the shape and elasticity of the curls.

Dry Care System: the optimal combination of airflow and temperature provides gentle drying that enhances the volume and natural bounce of your curls

Ergonomic handle: fits perfectly in your hand for maximum comfort when operating it over the entire head.

2 airflow-temperature combinations: This allows you to personalise your drying according to your length and type of curly hair.