Bellissima Diffon the new way to gently dry curly hair without damaging it.

An in-depth study on curly hair; how it is made, types of hair and what the main requirements for perfect drying are, led to the creation of the New Bellissima Diffon DF1000.

The New Bellissima Diffon, integrates a diffuser and hair dryer in one specifically designed tool to enhance the beauty of your natural curly hair.

Its Dry Care System features two air flow and temperature settings specifically designed for delicate drying while respecting the body of your curls.

While its Ceramic & Argan Oil technology moisturises hair, keeping it soft and shiny while drying. The gentle heat respects and protects your hair when the air flow hits the central ceramic element of the diffuser plate. When heated the  ceramic plate naturally emits a gentle infrared heat that protects against frizziness and dryness while Argan oil infused into the ceramics, enhances shine and softness for beautiful natural looking curly hair, day in day out.

The Curl Booster System distributes the warm air evenly through a specially designed perforated grid with 56 micro perforations and 12 fingers; 6 long and 6 short to keep your curls in shape while you gently dry and enhance the shape and elasticity of your curls. 

The Bellissima Diffon is the must have curly hairdryer for gorgeous looking curls and the overwhelming feedback is "The results are outstanding".Those who have tried the "DIFFON method" to dry and enhance their curly hair will never go back! 

If you love your curly hair, and you want to say goodbye to frizz, the lack of curl elasticity, and curl volume at the hair roots, are all problems that you can resolve by integrating the Bellissima DIFFON into your curly hair routine on a regular basis.

Accepting our inner self is important for our self esteem so making the most of your natural gifts is important. So if you have curly hair, embrace it by discovering how the Bellissima Diffon will help you create your best ever curly hair.