Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology
Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology
Curly hair  dryer by Bellissima Diffon - Styling long curly hair
Short Brunette curly hair by Bellissima Diffon - Adding extra volume
Long red curly hair by Bellissima Diffon - Using Curl Booster System
Bellissima Diffon Curly Hair Dryer - Ceramic and Argan Oil technology with perforated grid and fingers for a Curl Booster System
Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology

Bellissima Diffon DF1 5000 Curly Dryer with Ceramic & Argan Oil Technology

Diffon DF1 5000

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Bellissima Diffon Curly Dryer with Ceramic Argan Oil technology is a unique diffuser and hairdryer in one. This ergonomically designed tool helps you create your best and most hydrated, bouncy, shiny, defined curls without the frizz and heat damage of other dryers. Diffon will bring out the beauty of your naturally curly hair.
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Dimensions - 13cm W x 18cm H x 13cm D
Cord Length - 2.2 Metres
Weight - 507 grams
Wattage - 700 Watts
Voltage - 110V US/Canada Model 11825 (Plug has built-in protection circuit)
Voltage - 240V Australia/New Zealand Model 11830

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Curl Booster System

Gently dry the hair while enhancing the shape and elasticity of the curls.

Dry Care System 

Optimal combination of airflow and temperature provides gentle drying that enhances the volume and natural bounce of your curls.

Easy Hold Handle

Fits perfectly in your hand for maximum comfort when operating it over the entire head.


Bellissima Diffon is an entirely different type of hair diffuser that integrates a hairdryer and diffuser in one compact, lightweight, easy to hold and use appliance. It's designed specifically to bring out your best waves, curls or coily hair.

No, more wrangling with an overpowered cumbersome hairdryer with diffuser attachments that fall off during use and create frizz, fly away and blow your curls flat. Not to mention those annoying aching arms. And while we are at it, forget about your current way of diffusing. You will need to change your blow-drying routine if you want to make the most of your curls.

After an in-depth study on curly hair types, patterns and textures, our research and development teams worked out the optimal heat, airflow, and diffuser bowl shape, fingers and air outlets to gently envelop and caress your curls while adding volume, definition, bounce and shine.

So whether you have wavy, curly or coily hair the Diffon is your new secret weapon. Sorry to anyone with straight hair but the Diffon is not for you!

The Diffon is simple to use. After washing and conditioning your hair remove the excess water from your hair. Then scrunch your curls and place the ends into the diffuser bowl. Begin on Setting 2 for just a few seconds at a time working around your hair section by section until you are back to the start. Moving closer and closer upward towards the scalp continually repeating the process.

As your hair becomes dryer and dryer move in and out and around quicker than before. As you move closer toward the scalp move from Setting 2 to Setting 1 which is a lower temperature and airflow. And for extra volume throw your waves or curls from side to side, back to front and front. It's that easy!